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Being enrolled in VIDYA INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY automatically makes you a part of INFINITY where you can explore infinite possibilities.



A mega event held at VIDYA KNOWLEDGE PARK annually. its a graduate fashion show which is precede by inviting elites, people from the fashion industry and young students. Infinity is a threshold of industrial experience for students. students working towards the collection follow the detailed scientific design process from inspiration to theme, theme to mood and mood to creation of final garments. Students work on different seasons, forecast and color schemes. The show is judged by experienced professionals from academia and fashion design world.


The evening of INFINITY brings out the burst of colors and creativity of VIFT students which could be sensed in all throughout the surroundings. every year our students try to create an aura of fashion and flaunt the world the true fragrance of our hard work and dedication.

Infinity is our fashion incubator where we foster our young creative budding entrepreneurs and give them the initial level support to start their business. at the incubator, learn fashion entrepreneurship and the key elements to turn your designs into a business opportunity.


Our incubator aims :

  • To offer mentorship to talented designers and entrepreneurs in creating sizable indigenous fashion brands.
  • To create a platform for buddings fashion businesses to showcase their work and get support in terms of finance and investment
  • To offer and engage Indian consumer with upcoming fashion from the best of talented designers and brands.