Journalism – An Expanding Profession



A news sense is really a sense of what is important, what is vital, what has color and life, what people are interested in – That’s Journalism. (Burton Roscoe)

Journalism is the act of writing about news. It is the process of taking information and giving it a context by editing it. Journalism comprises stories related to human interest, lifestyle messages, medical updates, weather, science, mythology, education etc. The majority of global population relies on journalism so that they are always informed. It acts as the eyes and ears of the average person, and often as their mouthpiece but not always advantageous.

Journalism process begins with gathering news from the local, national or world community and ends when it is with many number of media channels which can include Radio, Television, Newspapers, Magazines etc which makes journalism as an expanding profession.


A journalist must have above an excellent writing ability that one must develop. Journalists love words. they love the infinite ways they can be arranged to convey a message or information. A journalist should be careful with their sources, wordings, quotations and event the spelling of a particular word. He/She should be very cautious and abide all the deadlines given to them. Becoming a journalist is much more challenging than you might have ever imagined. Therefore, if you are interested in pursuing a career in journalism you must realize that you are going to spend many hours with your pen and paper practicing how to craft words and ideas.


Journalism was like an ember – it began as an ash in ancient civilizations and by the late 1600s it became a single flame. When information technology was introduced to the world, journalists were excited about how it could be used to shape the profession and the journalists of today and tomorrow must continue to be driven to work to inform the public about fabrication and be willing to practice tirelessly.


There is not even a single profession in the world that does not take time. Journalism is broadly divided into two categories – Print and Electronic

A person who has studied journalism and mass communication  can work as an anchor, reporter, associate editor, writer, photojournalist, cartoonist, critic, researchers, production workers, floor managers etc and can also go in the field of web journalism where they have to make the news sharp and interesting. Editing and presentation is the most important function because web users tend to scan. Hence, in order to a web journalist you have to be aware and capable of writing precisely and concisely.