2017 December


I believe every man should have one tuxedo in his wardrobe for those extra special evenings. whether it’s for an event or a family/friend’s wedding, a tuxedo should deserve a prime place in your collection.

Students of FASHION APPAREL  AND DESIGN (BFAD) 3rd Year of Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology working on their MENSWEAR Collection.. Here’s a look.. Final pictures coming soon…!!!











When it comes to expressing your creativity freely, opting for canvas painting seems to be a viable option. Art in its many forms has a great ability which can be easily underestimated. It can get under your skin without you even noticing it, becoming an essential part of our beings and daily life. Painting in general has been proven to exude calming effects, thus providing a wonderful method of relieving daily stress and disconnecting from the outside world.

Have a look at the canvas painting done by our fine arts (Ist year) students of Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology



Texture on canvas by Ashi Singhal BFA (1st Year)


Shashank Bansal BFA (1st Year)


Vanshika Garg BFA (1st Year)


Pooja Tyagi BFA (1st Year)



Vivek Kumar BFA (1st Year)



Anubhav BFA (1st Year)




Weddings are important because they celebrate life and possibility as the happiest people don’t have the best of everything they just make the best of everything.

Wedding season is here. Some are turning a blind eye to those RSVP cards, while some are picking out new heels and practicing dance moves. Love is in the air and who doesn’t love a good party, free drinks and the opportunity to shop. So, here’s a list of why weddings are the best !!!


You get to look like an ethereal prince/princess and star in your own fairy tale. there are so many ceremonies that you can pick different outfits for different occasions like for Engagement, Mehendi, Sangeet, Cocktail, Reception and even for your Pre bridal shoot.





A typical Indian wedding features bright and vibrant colors which is actually a trademark of our Indian tradition. Eye catching and colorful attires are the typical attire in the wedding season especially.






India is a very diversify country with different tastes in food and music. Indian traditional weddings may have dhol, sitar or any other same type of instrument while weddings on a modern side will have a DJ or a western band but whatever the instrument or the theme is Indian weddings are definitely a big time party…!!! if talking about the food served in the Indian wedding will be like live chat corner, different types of cuisines, sweets corner with never ending sweet dishes.







Wedding ceremony in itself is a very fascinating part in the Indian wedding. the groom comes on a white horse with his family and guests to take his soulmate who is already dolled up and waiting in the most heavy and attractive attire that she has ever worn. A red lehenga or a saree especially depending upon the background of the bride’s family Friends dancing around him on the Indian dhol. The bride’s family welcomes them with sweets. The couple exchange vows with their mutual understanding and consent.

So, whenever you are invited to the traditional Indian wedding never make a miss…!!!