Canvas Painting by BFA Students



When it comes to expressing your creativity freely, opting for canvas painting seems to be a viable option. Art in its many forms has a great ability which can be easily underestimated. It can get under your skin without you even noticing it, becoming an essential part of our beings and daily life. Painting in general has been proven to exude calming effects, thus providing a wonderful method of relieving daily stress and disconnecting from the outside world.

Have a look at the canvas painting done by our fine arts (Ist year) students of Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology



Texture on canvas by Ashi Singhal BFA (1st Year)


Shashank Bansal BFA (1st Year)


Vanshika Garg BFA (1st Year)


Pooja Tyagi BFA (1st Year)



Vivek Kumar BFA (1st Year)



Anubhav BFA (1st Year)