The design industry is growing at an enormous pace. It has rolled over from the infancy to the growth stage and the scope of opportunities is huge. Taking into consideration these facts we are preparing the young brigade of creative people who can take up different roles & responsibilities and spread their vibrant colors. Once you have successfully completed your design education there are multiple opportunities available for you. Here are the major areas where you can make your career.


Launching a career as a Fashion Designer takes dedication, real world experience and the guiding hand of talented industry professionals. The four-year course in Fashion Technology prepares professional for an industrial and corporate sector to work as:-

  • Costume Designers
  • Fashion Innovators and Forecasters
  • Fashion Marketers and Advertisers
  • Fashion Merchandisers
  • Fashion Illustrators
  • Pattern Developers
  • Fashion Event Managers and Choreographers
  • Fashion Journalists, Editors, and Photographers
  • Fashion Stylists and Coordinators
  • Fashion Enterprise Managers
  • Fashion Course Educators
  • Fashion Consultants
  • Retail Manager
  • Quality Assurance
  • Production Manager
  • Fashion Researcher
  • Luxury Store Manager
  • Fashion Logistics and Shipment Manager
  • Fabric Purchase Manager
  • Merchandising Marketing
  • Merchandise Product Development
  • Apparel Industry Management
  • International Manufacturing & Product Development
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Media
  • Visual Communications
  • Fashion Design
  • Textile Design
  • Fashion Knitwear Design
  • Jewelry Design
  • Textile Production and Development


After a course in Fine arts, once you have developed your artistic and creative rendering skills you can choose to work under various roles including

  • Computer Animation
  • Creative copyrighter
  • Film production
  • Set Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Event Organizer
  • Advertising Visualizer
  • Art Director
  • Typographer
  • Web Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Product Designer
  • Packaging Designer
  • Publication Houses
  • Interior Designer
  • Freelance artist
  • Photographer
  • Print Maker
  • Sculptor
  • Television Production
  • Art and Craft Teacher
  • Curator

Journalism and Mass Communication

The dynamic field of Journalism and Mass Communication covers the practical aspects of mankind through TV, Radio, Newspaper, Internet or any other Print/Electronic/Digital Media. In a country like India, Media is versioned as a Person with Freedom of Speech and Expression, which moreover, allows the individuals to present the facets of the fact with openness. The field is one of the biggest industry in the entire world that bridges the connectivity through the common medium of communication. It not only evolves the concepts of Media Sciences but also includes the Public Relations and Advertisements. After a course in BJMC you can choose to work under various roles including:-

  • Print media & Electronic
  • Advertising & Public Relations
  • Research Institutes & Web
  • News and Entertainment
  • News Reporter & News Anchor
  • Photo Journalist
  • Professional Photographer
  • Sound Editor
  • Producer
  • Radio Jockey
  • Public Relation Officer
  • Freelancer
  • Voice over Artist
  • Content Writer
  • Cinematographer
  • Correspondent
  • Video Editor
  • Web Writing
  • E-book Publishing
  • News Presenter