We have been ceaselessly catering to the abundant social masses of India through Vidya Prakashan Mandir, a National Award Winner, PAN India Publication House. In continuation of our quest for bringing quality educational tools to the doorsteps of millions of Indians, Vidya Parivar has been adding values in the form of world-class education through various channels at Vidya Knowledge Park. Our Fashion & Design School is our mechanism to bring quality creative education within the reach of the masses.

VIFT is constantly working to change the face of the education in India by consistently employing better resources, tools, and techniques to be a forerunner in the creative world of fashion and design.

Pradeep Kumar Jain


The domestic textile & apparel industry is estimated to reach US$ 141 billion by 2021 in India from US$ 67 billion in 2014. Ranked as the world’s second largest exporter of textiles and clothing, the Indian Fashion Industry is growing by leaps and bounds. By 2021 the Textile and apparel exports from India are expected to reach US$ 82 billion. With such a tremendous opportunity now is the time to establish yourself in the Fashion, Arts & Design Industry.

Expanding beyond just the basic career of fashion or graphic designer or an artist, there lies a huge number of new age opportunities including the fashion photography, fashion journalism and much more. Like our other endeavors, we at Vidya Institute Of Fashion Technology take prime initiatives to prepare our candidates through a rigorous training program that grooms them to match the confronting demands of the design industry.

The Indian Design Industry has just rolled over from infancy to the growth stage and you can see the signs everywhere: the growing number of designers, the increasing number of boutiques and outlets, and the growth of the conscious and exclusivity seeking customer! We still have much to prove in terms of quality, talent, research, and innovation. The striking contrast from the International design market is very visible but together making our march we are sure the gap will get reduced and we will be able to account for more than a meager of 0.2% in the world market.

Vishal Jain
Managing Director