We at VIFT are proud to produce not just street smart people but also University Merit Holder who have made us proud with their academic brilliance over the years.


Anchita Dhir 2018 1st (Gold Medal)
Kriti Gambhir 2018 2nd (Silver Medal)
Jayati Agarwal 2018 3rd (Bronze Medal)
Itisha Singh 2017 2nd (Silver Medal)
Shelja Sharma 2016 1st (Gold Medal)
Vidushi Garg 2016 2nd (Silver Medal)
Pragati Rastogi 2016 3rd (Bronze Medal)
Akriti Singhal 2015 1st (Gold Medal)
Paramdeep Kaur 2014 1st (Gold Medal)
Shilpi Yadav 2014 2nd (Silver Medal)
Khushboo Gupta 2014 3rd (Bronze Medal)
Surbhi Gupta 2014 4th
Devyani Rastogi 2013 1st (Gold Medal)
Nidhi Jain 2013 2nd (Silver Medal)
Meena Shukla 2013 3rd (Bronze Medal)
Vinita Bali 2013 4th
Monika Verma 2013 5th
Vandana Verma 2012 1st (Gold Medal)
Shilpi Maheshwari 2012 2nd (Silver Medal)
Ajay Kumar Tiwari 2012 3rd (Bronze Medal)
Roma Saxena 2012 4th
Shalu Verma 2012 5th